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    Moka Design is a creative hub that offers mindfulness-based art activities

    that encourage self-discovery and stress reduction.


    Work with life coach and artist Joyce Cohen and discover the wonders of:


    Art & Soul Oracle Cards


    TAP INTO YOUR UNCONSCIOUS and get in touch with your inner-self

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    Break through issues and blocks

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    Find hidden answers and surprising solutions

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    Explore options, perspectives and possibilities that you didn’t see before



  • SoulCollage® Workshops


    Create small collage cards that reveal what your soul wants you to know

      SoulCollage® is a powerful and creative card-making process that uses collage-art, intuitive writing, and card-readings, as transformational tools for self-discovery, personal development and spiritual growth.


      During a SoulCollage® workshop you use your intuition to create small collage-art cards with magazine images, scissors and glue. You then learn how to "read" your cards to discover what personal and hidden meanings your SoulCollage® cards reveal to you.



    • Etegami Japanese Art Cards


      De-stress and create beautiful watercolour art with mindful messages

      ETEGAMI is an in-the-moment, inspirational, Japanese art form. You simply draw, paint, and write what's on your mind or in your heart, without overthinking, creating an art card to keep for yourself or gift to others.


      Etegami cards are about ordinary things... things you see in everyday life but normally take for granted.
      Take a closer look at the things you touch or see everyday. Find that most beautiful angle and draw it.
      The accompanying message is also up to you. It could be a proverb, an original poem,
      or a few simple words. Express whatever it is that is bursting out of you!



    • Art & Soul Oracle Cards


      Thought-provoking card readings that tap into your unconscious

      An original deck designed by Joyce!

      TAP INTO YOUR UNCONSCIOUS and find deep insight and thought-provoking messages with this unique
      and inspiring deck of cards featuring original artwork by artist and life coach Joyce Cohen.


      Get in touch with your inner self and break through issues and blocks. Find hidden answers and surprising solutions. Explore options, perspectives and possibilities that you didn’t see before.



    • Artist & Life Coach

      Joyce Cohen, BFA, PPCC

      Joyce Cohen is a certified Life Coach, SoulCollage® facilitator, professional graphic designer,
      visual artist, creator of the Art & Soul oracle deck, mother, writer, teacher, and life-long learner and seeker.


      As a life coach, Joyce uses mindful art activities as creative tools to help her clients get unstuck, make decisions,
      and solve problems in their personal or professional lives.


      As an art facilitator, Joyce organizes and leads inspiring art workshops that foster mindfulness, self-discovery,
      personal development, and finding answers to life's questions.



    • Get in Touch

      Contact Joyce if you have any questions or would like to set up a free 10 minute phone consultation.
      If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops, please ask to be added to her mailing list.